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Information about stunning effect pills pass each other in whispers, about her compose stories. Without a doubt, a wonder drug after they surrounded themselves with myths and fables.

Many people the twentieth century will be remembered not only as the century of technological progress or space exploration, but also as the century of the discovery of viagra. Men of the planet has inspired the emergence of this pharmaceutical agent, although many don't talk about it out loud. This drug as one of the most notorious drugs in history, the subject of this article.

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The age of the discovery of viagra

Tablet viagra male who knows what in 2008 viagra celebrated its first major anniversary. The famous drug was 10 years old. Mentally fast forward 12 years ago - refer to the history of the "blue pill". Initially, viagra was intended to treat high blood pressure. However, during the clinical trials men using this medication, talked to the doctors about the same type of side effect of its use, which was expressed in a prolonged and enhanced erection. But for the original ideas viagra was practically ineffective, so the doctors decided to shift the focus of the purpose of the drug for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. And it worked massively! As of March 27, 1998 viagra was approved by the FDA for this use. And this date is considered the "birthday" of viagra, which became the first vehicle in history designed to solve this kind of issues.

Tried Viagra five years ago. Were then Cialis, Levitra, Cialis, plenty of other tablets that are on TV right now. Honestly I will say this: helping is not a joke. Riser – 100%, three hours work a day two or three you're always ready. Wife, lover, neighbor, everyone is happy. But here's the thing: when you drink, you big giant of big sex. All worth it, all the rages, can cover even the whole coop. And when without them – dull somehow. I Sergei Mikhailovich (Hello, GKB №23), said that strongly affected the level of testosterone. What I the hell testosterone, I am 53 years old. One bad: expensive, of course. Consider a couple of times which covered the Mare, and 1,000 rubles to the wind. It is not good...

The triumph of the "blue pill"

So, what is viagra? It is a small blue pill, weighing from 25 to 100 mg, intended for oral administration. It's not injecting the drug in liquid form is not possible. Before viagra sold only in pharmacies and only by prescription that in some degree fettered men, hesitate to talk about your disorders, and now, from the words of pharmacists pharmacy, working around the clock, one of the three popular night products is viagra. Experts are unanimous: the emergence of viagra marked the transition to a qualitatively new level of treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

But the newfound "power of erection" immediately seriously declared itself in the market of drugs. Viagra is a breakthrough not only in the treatment of impotence, but also in the pharmaceutical business. The excitement was heavy. During the first week of receipt of the drug sale on viagra was issued 247 666 recipes. The second week increased the number of afflicted more than 50,000. As a result, only in 1998 Pfizer sold viagra for $ 1 billion!

The experts of the CIA using viagra to get from the Afghans the necessary information, but American intelligence officers, as reported by the media, has adopted a drug against impotence for more information about the plans of the rebels. Thus, the 60-year-old elder, who is in the care of four wives was given four pills of the drug, and a few days later he "passed" all the routes of the Taliban in exchange for an extra portion. According to the participant of this transaction, the agents returned to the village, their new "friend" was beaming with happiness and thanked them heartily. "Next in the area we could do whatever we wanted," says the scout.

In General, viagra is not a vitamin Supplement and to register it themselves in most cases not necessary, because this can be unsafe. Viagra has already come in the drug market, are sold without prescription and, judging by the comments, pharmacists are in demand. Form this high demand, the normal process of aging citizens, the economic crisis, is the official and unofficial rumors.

Viagra is not a panacea for all problems. She never gives her attractiveness, sensuality, charm, and also does not affect the ability to reproduce. But it gives millions of men hope to regain the confidence in their own abilities from a physiological point of view. After all, sex is an integral part of our life: they did, are doing and will do! So, humanity has a future...

Expensive, but worth it
The appearance on the pharmaceutical market Cialis and Sildenafil brought relief to many. Now men have ceased to panic, going on a date or lying in the marital bed. In his pocket, Cialis and sildenafil, they began to feel if not kings, then just full men.

One only afflicts modern men sildenafil citrate for men price is considerable, almost 0.27 dollars for 1 pill. However, more advanced drug is Cialis price in pharmacy is not less. At the level of income, which is typical for our population, regular use of drugs of this kind becomes problematic.