erectile dysfunction

Impotence — a disease in which a man can not have intercourse

There are two main types of impotence: erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction. In the first type of impotence the introduction of the penis into the vagina is possible, but the orgasm (ejaculation). The second type consists in that the phallus is not so hard to enter the vagina.

Causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • 1. The causes of organic nature. The appearance of impotence due to the occurrence or consequence of a disease (prostatitis, or diabetes).
  • 2. Causes of mental and emotional nature. Impotence can cause severe psychological trauma. Given the nature of the disease morning erection is preserved. To provoke an erection impotence emotional nature possible with the help of erotic fantasy and visual stimulation. But normal functioning is impaired.

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction

  • 1. The lack of an erection. The first symptom of erectile dysfunction is the absence of spontaneous and adequate erections. In cases where spontaneous saved, but adequate erection, there is a high probability that the sexual dysfunction carries psychological character. Buy generic viagra - click ! In case of violation and spontaneous, and adequate erectile function experts diagnose impotence organic form.
  • 2. A weak erection. One of the main symptoms impotence is the reduction in the frequency and rigidity of erections appearance.
  • 3. Insufficient hardness of the phallus. In this case, erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of neurogenic, vascular, hormonal and other organic disorders.
  • 4. The inability to maintain an erection. The first manifestation of impotence (erectile dysfunction) is considered to be premature ejaculation that occurs immediately prior to sexual intimacy or at the very beginning. The reason for this impotence is organic in nature. Normally this symptom is associated with vascular diseases. Premature ejaculation is very rarely seen in psychogenic impotence.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

In addition, important causes of erectile dysfunction is psychological stress, which leads to the suppression of mood, depression, decrease in men sex drive. About 80% of all causes of disorder of an erection are combined.

Erectile dysfunction is not a death sentence, but only disease that can be successfully treated. And like any disease, erectile dysfunction easier and more effective to treat at an early stage. Modern medicine has achieved impressive success in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and has made this problem successfully solvable.

Drug treatment of erectile dysfunction

Often physical therapy is more effective than a variety of pills to treat erectile dysfunction. To date, the question of how to avoid erectile dysfunction, there is no clear answer. Impotence (erectile dysfunction) — the inability to have intercourse, maintain an erection, to ensure sexual satisfaction for both partners.